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I have decided to use this page as a way for YOU to get to know ME. Not only that but please feel free to check out my other projects and current blogs.

If this interests you, please continue reading.

One of my joys and focuses is to help others. Recently, I have done this by creating two blogs to help reach people in a few areas of interest to me. It didn’t take long to notice my two areas of interest are connected in many ways.

My Store

UPDATE: As noted previously, the store has been taken down. This is sad but, due to the time investment and not enough return, the decision was made. I am willing to reopen it at a later date if it’s something you would interest in. You can check out my original post here if you are interested.

This is currently a work in process. The focus has changed a few times, but my goal is to get it back up and running next month.

I posted recently about making the store live, but have since then taken it off-line. This is mainly due to it being my first store and found some issues with processing orders. I hope that it will be back up and running in no time.

As I mentioned in the original article, my goal with this store is to provide you with the best possible prices. Most of the products on the site are ones that I have used or plan to use soon.

Please check back to see if the store is up by clicking here. As always, let me know what you think of the store. Is it easy to navigate, are there any items you are interested in or want to see listed? The best place to do this is to leave a comment.

My Very Own ‘Epic Blog’wildeescape-logo

A few years ago, I started a blog, and needless to say, it didn’t go anywhere. I didn’t know what I was doing and had no clue about anything blog related. Since then, I have been reading a lot more and subscribed to many blogs. I am still learning, but I feel this is one that I am happy to share with others.

The focus of this blog is dealing with the things that I am interested in. One of which is gear. I have always loved gear and knowing about what the latest and greatest is out there.

Another interest is ways to make life easier, also known as life hacks.

One interest that I have, that I also am super excited about is going mainstream, is living as a minimalist. I have always been interested in this lifestyle and am happy to see that it is gaining so much exposure. It wasn’t too long ago that I would always be looked at funny when I mentioned living in my car or the least amount of possessions that I use and enjoy.

Lastly is travel. A few years ago, I realized that on my first trip to Europe, I have what is known as the travel bug. Now all I want to do is travel and see the amazing places our world offers, and am always looking for my next adventure. If you want to read about my epic blog, click here.


Prepping And Emergency Supplies

Did I mention that I like GEAR!

UPDATE: This site has been integrated into my Epic Blog, Wilde Escape. If you want to read my posts on being prepared, click here!

I have written a few things on this topic but plan on making a lot more very soon. If you are like-minded and are always on the lookout for Emergency Supplies and gear, click here.

I am thinking this is going to be centered around the beginner and how to get started. But please leave a comment if you are interested in anything else. I always welcome ideas on what to cover and write about.

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Like I have said, in pretty much everything I write, my goal is to provide you great information and resources. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please comment below. I will reply to all comments. And all comments are welcome!

I look forward to hearing from you and hope this information inspires you in some way. Thanks for stopping by!

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