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Wealthy Affiliate has a Premium Plus membership, and I decided to try it.
It was back in 2020 logging into my Wealthy Affiliate dashboard.
But this time was different. Was it something strange? Not really, just different.

After digging around, the new look was perfect! I guess it was like a website facelift. The best part was at the top of the page; a video explained the website’s update.

Something vital with businesses.

If you are going to make a change, explain it. My hope with Wilde Advantage Services LLC has done just that. Over February, we put out a lot of content. You might have not even noticed, but others might see this as a drastic change.

But change can be a good thing.

I’m sure you can agree. It’s nice to be in the loop on what is going on. Wealthy Affiliate is no different—one of the many reasons I initially joined this amazing community.

While watching the video, back in 2020, I soon discovered another membership option called Premium Plus.

The New Bundle: Premium Plus

At first, I wasn’t all that impressed. After all, it would cost an extra $500 a year! I have had the Premium plan that runs $299 a year, if you were wondering.

Then, reading more about this new offer, I noticed a few things.

The introductory offer was only good for about a week, and they were knocking off $200.

One thing you will find out, especially with copywriting, is creating a sense of urgency (or scarcity) can work in your favor.

I searched the community and found a few others who had the same questions I had.

Was the price difference worth it?

Let’s go into the difference between the Premium and Plus plans below.

Premium vs. The Plus Version

Below you will see a few screenshots. The right side features are for the Premium membership, and the left is for the Plus membership. You will also see the following symbols:

  • Green Checkmarks – Included with Wealthy Affiliate
  • Purple Diamonds – Included with the Premium membership
  • Black Crowns – Included with Premium Plus membership

Instead of listing everything, I figured the screenshots would be more helpful.

Premium vs. Plus Memberships

As you can see, there is a pretty significant jump in price.

Let’s determine which plan is right for you.

At the top of the above image, you can see I currently pay $299 a year to be part of the fantastic community.

Special Note (you can thank me later)
If you are on the fence about joining, you might like to know there is always a “Black Friday” deal.
Stay tuned, and I will let you know what it is this year. You can always sign up for the FREE membership too, and find out as soon as it becomes public too!

More benefits of membership

In the screenshot above, you will start seeing where the Plus membership starts to separate itself.

The main things I was looking at were the advanced hosting package and 50 websites.

All this means that you can host multiple websites on your account. With the Premium plan, you can only have 25, but with 50, you can offer to build sites for others!

Something that could leave you with residual income for being a webmaster!

You will also see the bundle package supporters a ton more monthly visitors (from a quarter million to one million)!

Having this problem would be incredible! Just remember, as your site gets more monthly visitors, this will be invaluable.

More Surprises

Yes, there is a lot included in this bundle deal, but I still wasn’t sold on the cost.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Wealthy Affiliate has the BEST support. I have never had such excellent service with any company. They are truly top-notch.

As I scrolled down the page, I was happy to see “Priority Expert Private Help.”

You don’t need help most of the time, but this will be such a great added benefit when you do.

While revamping this website (WildeAdvantage.com), I did something, and my site would no longer work. I tried doing everything I could think of.

After some brief panicking, I sent support to what happened. In about an hour, my site was back up and running!

Having that added protection was so nice. I cannot express that enough.

Then, something jumped off the page and really got me excited. I put it in a red box in the below image to show you what I’m talking about.

Jaaxy Enterprise is included with the Plus Membership!

If you are setting up a website, have been reading this blog, or have a general idea of ranking in search engines. You will know SEO is crucial.

At the time, I debated upgrading my Jaaxy account. Well, the Jaaxy upgrade is included with Premium Plus!

We all are trying to get better rankings for our websites. Having a top-performing keyword tool is key to this.

Read This To Find Out More About Jaaxy.

Okay, as you can see from the red box above, Jaxxy Enterprise (the highest level of their service) is included! Not only that, but just getting the service by itself is $99 a month.

Looking at everything you get in the PLUS bundle, you will soon see that the price is way lower, considering everything you get. I’m not going to lie. I still took a few days to decide what I wanted to do.

Then, after a lot of thought and weighing my options. I took a leap of faith.

The screen I got after upgrading to the Plus Membership

One of the main reasons I decided to do it was the Jaaxy upgrade.

Upgrading from the Lite to Enterprise has been amazing!

Another nice thing to know is you can quickly go from Plus back to the Premium version if you determine it’s not for you. Premium will always be there as I know I will continue to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate family for many years to come.

Important Information

It’s important to note that you truly are getting a deal with the Plus Membership.

Plus is great for someone who wants the best and can afford it. If you are new to the Wealthy Affiliate community, sticking with the Premium is good.

You can always upgrade to Plus membership later.

This post was to inform you of the fantastic bundled package available to you and the added benefits.

I have wanted to give Jaaxy Enterprise a try for some time. I was on the fence about already spending $99 a month, so this quickly became a no-brainer for me.

When you add the added support and web services, it’s just gravy on top.


Taking The Leap!

I mentioned above that there was an introductory offer for those who caught it. This made my decision extremely easy. I took the jump and joined.

Besides the information I already shared with you, they also offered a few other things that I thought were tough to pass up.

I will note here that some of these offers might be gone when you are reading this. I still wanted you to know about them and another reason to have the free account if they pop up again!

  • More training, because who doesn’t want to get more training. I figure we will always be learning, and best to have access to the best on the market.
  • There was an offer to get two domains hosted with Wealthy Affiliate for free each year. This includes the coveted HTTPS security as well as other features.
  • Wealthy Affiliate community credits. I understand that there was a small bump in these credits, and it was a one-time thing. If you are not aware, Wealthy Affiliate has many things you can do, but one of the great ones is having others provide you with feedback on your website. It can range from general site information to comments on your posts.

You will learn more about community credits if you join, but in a nutshell, they are a great way to see if you are heading in the right direction with your website and content.

My Recommendation

I still suggest you start with the free membership to see if it’s right for you.

But, if you are considering going all in, this really couldn’t hurt to give it a try. As I just said, I would start with the free or Premium membership. This will provide you with first-hand knowledge of all the great things Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Give Wealthy Affiliate a try now!
You will not be disappointed.

The next step, and only after sticking with it for a few months, should you consider the Plus bundle I talked about. Again, this will give you all the extra benefits I listed above.

Want to know what others are saying about the Wealthy Affiliates Premium Plus bonus package?

Here are a few from Chrystopher, Edwin, Rob, and Roope read them now.

If you read what others are saying about the Plus, welcome back. If you don’t mind letting me know, What do you think?

Do you have any other questions or concerns about trying Wealthy Affiliate or the FREE Membership? Ask me any questions you have in the comments below. I will respond to everyone, and if I don’t know the answer, we will learn together!

The Time Is Now!

Now you should know a lot about Wealthy Affiliate and the different bundles that they currently offer. If you haven’t read my original Wealthy Affiliate review, click the following link.

I am genuinely interested in finding out what you think about this community. I have been with them for over a year now. I might be a bit biased, but you are on the outside, and I want to know what your questions are.

I’m sure if you have questions, someone else will as well.

My goal is to answer all the questions about starting a website or this community. You can let me know by sending me an email or, even better posting a comment below!


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10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – The Premium Plus Membership”

  1. Hi Eric! Great job you did here on this article. Thank you for sharing this in depth. I never knew that wealthy affiliate had a premium plus program. Now that I know, I am so interested in going up to the premium plus seeing all the benefits you have stated. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online platform out there so there is no way one could see this opportunity and miss out. To those who havent gotten the funds could be patient before they go on to upgrade.

    • Very true, the Plus is pretty awesome. The added benefits with Plus is HUGE. I have really liked the Jaaxy Enterprise. It’s much easier and faster to use. 

      I would suggest starting with the Premium, to make sure it’s something that you really enjoy. 

  2. Hello there!

    That is a great and completely correct article. I completely agree with you that the changes made on the website is actually a good thing to see, I’m really excited about it. Truly, it’s nice when you are in the loop on what is going on. Wealthy Affiliate is no different and it is one of the many reasons I also joined this awesome community as well.


    • That is awesome, and welcome aboard. I hope you find it to be as helpful as I have. Let me know if I can help you out in any way, especially setting up your website.

  3. I have been a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for about 3weeks now, and honestly speaking, my experience on the platform as a premium member so far has been fantastic, with the trainings and courses they offer alongside so many other features. You can imagine how the premium plus membership will be even more fantastic. For now I will stick with the premium membership, with plans to upgrade to the premium plus membership later on.

    • That is awesome to hear, and I wish you luck with everything. The premium membership does have a ton of training and a lot of other benefits with it. I think you have a good plan to consider upgrading in the future.

      Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions or need guidance, let me know.

  4. Thank you so much for your review on Premium Plus at Wealthy Affiliate. I came across WA the other day and was wondering what are the differences between the free, premium and premium plus. Thanks to your review now I know. I agree the cost of the bundle is a bit much for me during this economy but it is hard to turn down all the premium jaxxy keyword tools and also the expert classes. I guess I am going to try the free trial first and take it from there. 

    • Hi and I agree with you. I would start with the free trial. Take your time and learn what you can. The first few lessons are free, and you can learn a lot from them.

      If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to reach out.

  5. Hi, 

    A great review and informative article on WA. I agree with the poitns you make and i would encourage anybody to ditch the free membership and go with premium straight way. The benefits are great such as Jaxy, but the training manual is what makes WA stand out from any other platform online.

    I also think that the change in look of the WA platform show both kyle and carson care about the success of WA and the members involved. 

    A great review, thank you 

    • Thanks, and I agree. I just learned today that the updated look also includes a dark mode. I like it as it’s easier on the eyes, and looks cool. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by.


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