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Hi, and Welcome!

My name is Eric, and I want to thank you for checking this site out. I’m so happy you’re here!

With that said, this community is for everyone. I want to help you by building your website, finding a niche, or getting outdoors and living a healthy life. You have come to the right place.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.

Every Day is a New Day!sunset-happiness

Every day outside is a great day! Who can argue with that?

With each new day, it’s time to enjoy the small things in life. Take a minute to enjoy where you are, and remember to breathe.

There are so many things in life that we should appreciate. Such as:

  • Waking up (obviously by importance)
  • Having choices, such as starting a business
  • Being outside
  • Learning how to camp
  • Going on a walk or hike
  • Taking the family on a bike ride
  • Learning new activities
  • Even traveling in this amazing world we live in

I could go on, but I’ve found it important to be thankful for what you have.

We all come from different walks of life, but it all led us here. How cool is that?

If you want to know more about Eric, click here.

Wilde Advantage Service LLC: The Main Goal


I want to help you live a better life. This can mean many different things to different people.

Over the last few years, I have found having a group that provides support, direction, and encouragement is a huge game-changer.

That is what I want for this community.

We are part of a group that will help support each other and learn something new daily. Wilde Advantage Services LLC is a place where you are welcome.

Let’s take a minute to break down how this will be accomplished.

Breaking it down

First and foremost, if you haven’t guessed, I love being outside. I have been writing about outdoor gear reviews, trips, and anything I get questions on.

You can find more on my blog.

Taking another approach, I decided to write more about how I built my blog and business. This is mainly due to getting questions about setting up websites, SEO, finding topics to write about, and much more.

The idea is to add a section to this very website. So check back to see what I’m adding, or feel free to leave a comment with your questions.

Tying it Together

You might think that these topics don’t have anything to do with each other, and at first, I would agree.

If you look closely, you will see it will all tie together.

Think about it this way, if you aren’t happy at your job, your family life is awful, your health is slipping, you might just feel like you can’t get ahead, and there isn’t anything you can do.

Again, you’re mistaken.

First, start by rereading the above question. Don’t answer it right away. Just begin to think about it. Next, take a piece of paper and start writing down everything you can think of. Then go from there.

I also have a strong feeling that if you start taking five minutes to walk outside, you might begin to feel better too.
If you say you don’t have five minutes, I would tell you to start with ten.

If you have any questions, please leave them below or email me. I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,
Eric, Director at Wilde Advantage Services LLC
& Freelance Content Writer

Eric in Zion

If your business is in our service area of Northern California, we also offer local notary and loan signing services.


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