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About EricEric-in-Monument-Colorado

First of all, I have a few websites and will link them all together throughout this website.

Currently, I work a full-time job in addition to running this business.

The focus here is to build up the freelance writing business on the side. And what better way to document this process than with a website?

Before being where I am right now, I have worked for as long as I can remember. A few of them include:

  • Cleaning houses
  • Yardwork
  • Data entry
  • Lots of retail
  • Loss prevention
  • Police officer
  • Shooting and firearm range
  • Volunteer work

There are many more, but that’s what I could think of as I’m writing this.

If you missed it, yes, I served as a Police Officer. These were many years of unique experiences as well as some pretty traumatic ones.

One thing people don’t always talk about is that officers are right there for the worst day in a family’s life. Add to it that you see the dark side of humanity. This is a way of changing you.

Life Happens

Over my life, I’ve found that I tend to be the person others come to for things. I think my experiences have helped me have a different approach to life. It’s nothing terrible, I promise.

Which has led me always to surround myself with others I can count on and trust.

This is important for all of us, especially when you think everything in life is working out.

For me, I slowly started to realize that I wasn’t happy. The crazy part to me was that I didn’t know why.

Yes, there has been a lot going on in our world, but sometimes finding a root cause is difficult, especially when it’s your own life.

So I started writing and putting every thought I had down on paper. Soon, I realized it was unhappiness and stress.

I should mention a few things that were going on in my life.

Not only was I working a stressful job, 12-hour shifts, tons of overtime, but hearing my wife tell me she no longer wanted to be with me changed everything.

I think hearing the words come out of her mouth was most difficult.

The One Question That Helped Me

We will fast-forward here as it took me a while to realize I was spiraling down and not making good choices.

I started looking at myself more closely. The biggest challenge was cutting out the toxic sections of my life. Never something easy but essential.

The next step for me was to find out what I wanted. It was an interesting concept because I can’t remember ever putting myself first.

I remember it being late at night, finishing up work, and I thought about this one question that truly changed everything.

It was a simple question, but one that makes you think, and here it is.

Click the image above to be taken to the original post on WildeEscape.com

I suggest you click on the question (or image, if you will) to learn more about it. But let’s just say that it’s been a lot of fun to hear other people’s answers.

Finding Happiness

After a lot of praying, thinking, conversations, and planning, I decided to resign as a Police Officer.

Leaving a career is not an easy task. Especially when you figure out the years of training and time you invest in it.

But, conveniently, I already had a part-time job working in the outdoor industry. As I’ve mentioned, I work a lot.

This was not only an escape from dealing with my divorce but a way that I rediscovered my love of the outdoors.

Leaving my post has allowed me to reassess what I want out of life. I feel blessed to have the ability to hit the “Reset” button.

Now to go back to focusing on what I wanted. The one thing that kept coming up was my desire to work remotely. To point this out, as I’m sure you know, first responders would have a challenging time doing that.

Learning New Things

At first, I didn’t think I had what it would take to do this website stuff. I have made many mistakes, like accidentally crashing a website or putting in the hours to delete what I had created.

So, I still need the ability to help others in any way I can. But what I am learning is that helping can mean many different things. Such as assisting others in getting their ideas and businesses online.

I have built a few websites now and have realized it’s pretty easy to do. Once you have the basics down, there is really no stopping you.

Not only that, did you know you can easily get a website up and running in no time?

All this to say that after some trial and error, I decided to start this website.

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